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Historic Buildings

The Cornhill
Sedgemoor District Council

Rehabilitation and alteration of an 1839 Grade I listed building to sustain the historic environment and encourage people to benefit and gain enjoyment from the changes. The works to Bridgwaters' principal building formed the focus of a regeneration strategy for the town centre. A curved glass screen was introduced to the Ionic rotunda providing space for a new restaurant. Other works included refurbishment of the indoor market and new shop fronts.


2008 Somerset Building Preservation Trust

St Joseph's Convent
Charles Church Western (Taunton)

The Grade II* former convent complex dates from 1772-1887. The proposal for conversion to 47 apartments balanced the tension between heritage values and change to embrace both preservation and enhancement as design objectives of a sustainable strategy. Evidence of the building's evolution was drawn from a study of the fabric and archival sources. The context encompasses past and present relationships between the buildings and their landscaped surroundings.

Baroque Architecture

Wide ranging works of conservation and repair to buildings representational of the brief flowering of the English Baroque style in the early eighteenth century. Conservation of brick, stone and Roman cement. Repair of iron framed leaded lights, softwood sash windows and glass. Elimination of damp and the removal of cementitious render and mortars. Structural timber repairs. Lead and welsh slated roofs. Adaptations for contempory use.

Medieval Churches

​Works to Grade I medieval churches in the Anglican Dioceses of Bath and Wells and Salisbury. Proposals are based on analysis and understanding of the significance of each building and its setting. Specifications are informed by historical research and survey work. Conservation of ashlar and carved stonework, oak waggon roofs, timber and stone polychromy, decorative plasterwork. Lead and slate roof finishes. The integration of new facilities and fittings.

Country Houses

Works of conservation and repair, alteration and extension to Country Houses containing medieval cores supplemented by 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th century work. Proposals for change balance existing heritage values against possible future loss to enable these distinctive building types to adapt and survive into the 21st century. Projects include proposals for public accessibility, the introduction of commercial facilities and sustainability management plans.

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